James Brown: Hell

I’m actually as surprised as you were that we have been a group that specializes in reviewing influential artists and albums, but this is our first review of a James Brown album. I thought for sure that in out live album selection round that his Live at the Apollo album would have been chosen, but alas, it was not.
I am very excited to really dive into the album. I invite you to listen to why I selected this particular album and to join me in rediscovering a classic from a legend*.
*A legend in his music. I actually detest that he was an abusive man and how he took advantage of others close to him.
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Rolling Stone Review

Review of Cyndi Lauper: She's So Unusual

Please read Scott Gregory’s pick for Cyndi Lauper: She’s So Unusual before reading and listening to our reviews below.

Quick Summary: 

  • Worth the hype?
  • Influence us and our tastes?
  • Would we recommend?

Review of Cyndi Lauper: She's So Unusual

Apparently, not only do girls want to have fun, but they can influence a decade. With close to 60 million albums sold and 16 million of this album alone, there is no denying the influence of Cyndi Lauper. We all had strong feelings about this pop album from 1983 and as we still hear songs today like Time After Time we let you know how this album stood up over time. Sorry it’s a bit long this month but we had lots to say. Enjoy the review of She’s So Unusual.

Our Individual Review Scores
Scott Gregory:
Overall opinion: 4
Would I recommend?: 4
Influenced my tastes: 4
Worth the hype? 4
Scott Coates:
Overall opinion: 3.75
Would I recommend?:3.75
Influenced my tastes: 2.5
Worth the hype?: 3.75
Darren Scott:
Overall opinion: 3.5
Would I recommend?: 4
Influenced my tastes: 2.5
Worth the hype? 4
Alain DuPuis:
Overall opinion: 3
Would I recommend?: 3.5
Influenced my tastes: 1.5
Worth the hype? 3