This month, the group took a slightly different approach to the format. Darren came up with the idea of asking us to pick a recording artist that other music fans may not have heard of (but really should). As we picked our selected artists independently, it turned out some of the picks were new to our fellow group members as well.
Tune in to find out what we thought of eachother’s selections, so you can too can discover which of these four artists we thought had humerous lyrics, which sounded like a Led Zeppelin cover band, and which one may or may not use a ping-pong ball as an instrument.

Here are the picks from our expert panel:
Artist: Ron Gallo
Chosen by: Darren Scott
Artist: The Kills
Chosen by: Scott Coates
Artist: Greta Van Fleet
Chosen by: Alain Dupuis
Artist: Jenny Lewis
Chosen by: Scott Gregory

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