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Boredom Cures for the Music Fan

As we all sit here together but apart on this planet in crisis, I started to think about how I could stay in touch and share things with friends.

Those that know me, also know that I have a very deep love and diverse taste in music. They also don’t always want to hear interesting(to me anyway) facts about whatever song is playing in the background of wherever I am. But maybe some of you do. Music is my energizer and I am hoping that some of my music recommendations might help you stay healthy and sane as we are all under quarantine.

To help you pass some time and discover some new music, here are my music recommendations for some of my favourite Spotify Playlists, Podcasts, Music Documentaries, Radio Shows, YouTube Music Channels and even a link to my vinyl collection that I invite you to look at and you can ask me any questions about.

If my music tastes are too far out of your comfort zone then please comment on what types of music you like and what you’d recommend to everyone. Enjoy! – Darren Scott



Most of these I link to in Spotify but almost all of these podcasts are available on most of the popular podcast platforms.

The Sonic Collective 

Ok, admittedly our podcast my be the least professional on this list, but we have so many different album reviews across so many genres that there would have to be several you would find interesting. You also might want to listen to other reviews to see if these classic influential albums are something you may like and if they stand the test of time.

The Ongoing History of New Music

Canadian legendary music historian Alan Cross gets to the bottom of music through research and passion and tells the stories back to us in an engaging way. I learn more about the stories and history of music from Alan then any other one source. This show is great.

Broken Record 

An interesting dive into very exclusive behind-the-scene stories of the music and artists we love. Hosted by Rick Rubin and Malcom Gladwell, they have the clout and access to ask artists what we all want to.

Geeks and Beats

A fun mashing of music and technology hosted by Alan Cross and Michael Hainsworth. Plugging you in to the zeitgeist of music and technology, while often having a cocktail in hand. Lots of fun.


Hosted by a friend of mine Mark Kondrat, Mark has carved out a niche of talking to amazing leaders and people he’s met. With a skew towards the craft beer industry, Mark engages with people he finds interesting around our Calgary home.

Starting March 25, Mark will be doing uncut daily podcasts for your entertainment to talk to those making a difference in our communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Great job Mark. His day job is also awesome as co-owner of Alberta Beer Festivals.

Youtube Music Channels


This fun video series by a fellow Canadian can easily suck you in. Be warned that you may start watching this channel and hours will pass quickly. Highly recommended.


Similar to Polyphonic but with a more hip hop and pop twist, the Volksgeist dissects popular artists and music to point out things you didn’t even know were there.

Middle 8

Ok, it is similar to the other 2 channels but, as you can tell, I love the stories behind the music and the artists that create it. Middle 8 has a heavy rock influence and gets some great facts you might not otherwise know.


One of our other Sonic Collective members Alain DuPuis hosts this great, honest and funny video series that can help guide you in the art of understanding whiskey. Thanks for not being a whiskey snob Alain.

Netflix Music Documentaries

I can literally watch almost any music documentary and enjoy it. However, this list reflects what music documentaries are available on Netflix Canada right now at the time of this post. Here are a few I highly recommend:

  • Echo in the Canyon
  • The Two Killings of Sam Cook
  • Hip Hop Evolution
  • Clive Davis The Soundtrack of our Lives
  • Mile Davis Birth of Cool
  • Chasing Trane

CJSW Shows

CJSW Radio is one of Calgary’s only independent media outlets and is Calgary’s only campus & community radio station. Based on campus at the University of Calgary located on Treaty 7 land, CJSW operates as a non-profit society with a small team of staff and a large dedicated volunteer base. They broadcast over 110 music, spoken word and multicultural programs in more than 10 languages on 90.9 FM, online at, and podcasted on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Here are a few of my favourite shows. There is something for everybody at CJSW.

Soul Food – A great mix of soul and other fun music brought to you by Hayley, who is lead singer of an amazing local punk band The Shiverettes and also a co-founder of Femme Wave.

The Dog Show – I’ve come to really like this show. Great old and new rap and hip hop dominate this fun show.

– Hosted by the lovable Sideshow Sid, he plays a great variety of Brit Pop, Hip Hop and great tunes in a fun-filled show. Always great tunes.

Spotify Playlists

These are a few of my favourite playlists on Spotify. What are yours?

Stuff I’m Liking in the Moment 

This is my personal playlist. I will admit it’s all over the place as I just save songs I love here a bit randomly. To understand my music taste in this playlist would be to understand me. Ha ha, good luck with that.

Sled Island 2020

Rebirth of Cool

35 Soul Classics 1970-75

Early Alternative

Modern Psychedelia

Ramones Radio

Backyard Party Mix

Walk Like a Badass

Hip Hop History

My Record Collection

Discogs Collection

If you are a vinyl collector like me, maybe you are interested to see what albums I have. I’d be happy to answer questions or chat about the albums I have, just let me know.

I hope you have enjoyed my music. Stay safe and follow the health experts, not that idiot Donald Trump.

Darren Scott

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