Hi everyone, this is Scott G from the Sonic Collective bringing you our pick for March, 2021. This is the last of our round of country picks, and as the one closing things out I like to try and pick around or contrast the other members. Country has a lot of great groups so I definitely wanted to pick one of those, and I still wanted there to be a strong female voice in the mix. Also, I wanted to pull forward to a pretty modern country sound.

Lady Antebellum, now known as Lady A, released their second album “I need you now” in 2010. It was the third-most selling album of the year, spent 31 weeks at #1 and won 5 Grammies. The album spawned four singles and did extremely well internationally as well. Not bad for a sophomore album.

A significant contingent of modern country groups and solo acts have been slowly moving towards pop, and Lady A jumps in with both feet. It’s a delicate balance, trying to maintain a country vibe and storytelling lens while taking the best parts of pop and incorporating it in. Having heard all the singles on the radio, I’m excited to dig into the full album and see how deep it runs. Can they pull off a full plate of great songs, or have we already heard their best?

Join Scott, Darren, Alain and I on this journey and tune in at the end of March when the four of us get together to share our thoughts and close out this round of picks and start a new theme. With that, thanks for listening and I hope to see you when we review Lady A’s 2010 album “Need you now” here on the Sonic Collective. Cheers.


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Need You Now – Wikipedia

Need You Now – Spotify

Need You Now – Apple music

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