A Conversation with Danko Jones

The Sonic Collective · A Conversation with Danko Jones

For 25 years, Danko Jones has kept rock n’ roll alive and strong. Over the course of 10 studio albums, from 2001s’ I’m Alive and on Fire’ to 2021’s upcoming ‘Power Trio’, the sound has remained solid, he’s continued to push boundaries, and consistently rocked. On this special episode of The Sonic Collective we chat with band founder Danko Jones about the history of the band, look to the future, and learn what he loves about music and performing.

Listen along as we learn how Danko got started, the bands he loved and listened too, and how the heck he seems to have an endless amount of energy. We really enjoyed getting to know Danko Jones and be sure to check out the bands 10th album ‘Power Trio’ coming out August 27, with two singles already out, I Want Out and Flaunt It.

Scott & Darren – The Sonic Collective

Danko’s Canadian Influences

Lee Aaron

Danko’s Favourite Contemporary Canadian Bands

Mount Cyanide


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