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September 2021 features a selection from Sonic Collective member Darren Scott. Darren selected the very first album from Public Image, soon to be changed to Public Image Ltd., or PiL as an acronym. This was the project that John Lydon, known as Johnny Rotten of the notorious Sex Pistols started in 1978 directly after the Sex Pistols broke up. Known as one of the strongest Post-Punk bands of all time, it is very interesting to see how John Lydon developed as a writer and a musician.

Listen to why I selected this first Public Image Ltd. album and what I learned while researching this pick. I would encourage listeners to not only check out this album in depth but to explore the full discography of PiL. There are also lots of great articles and recordings that are about the band and the beliefs of Johnny Lydon. He was truly doing what he wanted, and at the time he was doing something different and interesting. We always recommend that listeners to consider the time in which these albums appeared. A quick glance at the charts for 1978 will reveal that disco was king an d a transition from the domination of the Beatles on the rock charts was in effect. This was a very interesting time for music. I recommend listening to the interview at the end of the album. The interview was recorded just before  this album was released and gives an authentic glimpse into the belief system and chaos that John lived in. Believe it or not, some of his revelations are quite astute and very progressive. He sure doesn’t like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones though. Ha ha ha.

Listen along this month and then join us for our next episode on October 1, 2021 to hear what the Sonic Collective members think of this album, and if it still stands up today as the classic album it is touted for being.


First Issue – Wikipedia
Billboard Top 100 of 1978
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