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Alice in Chains – Dirt

July 2022 – Alain Dupuis Hey there, friends! It’s Alain with our pick for July 2022.  A couple of months ago, my girlfriend seemed to have stumbled onto the band Alice in Chains for the first time, and very quickly began extolling their music, and specifically their album Dirt as being pure genius. High praise from someone who has never really demonstrated much interest in 90s alt-rock. I was very curious to find out what makes this album special to a girl who was born a year before it came out, didn’t grow up listening to the genre, and often chooses country music or classic rock over the heavier, alternative stuff. I figured I should do a deep-dive, and this would be a good pick for the Sonic Collective to review and unpack. I’m a 90s kid, so Alice in Chains isn’t new to me, but I’ve never explored their discography any deeper than what hit rock radio and MTV. As I write this, I have yet to play a full Alice in Chains album, so I have no idea if the singles from Dirt, such as Would and Rooster are going to be representative of what the rest of the album sounds like. I anticipate I’m probably going to like the album, because I tend to like most of the stuff that came from the early 90s Seattle rock scene. But, this isn’t a guarantee. I expected to like our last pick, Joy Division’s album Unknown Pleasures, and if you caught our review, you’ll know that I was very disappointed by it. I find it really interesting to listen to things that seem familiar with a purely analytical lens, so I’m keen to dive in and explore this album. And of course, I’m eager to hear what the rest of the guys think about this album as well. As always, we’d love to hear from you too. Do you know this album? Tell us what you think. Never heard of it before? Cool – Give it a listen and connect with us on all the usual social networks. And of course, check back at the end of July so you can hear what all the members of the Sonic Collective think about Alice in Chains’ Dirt.

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Wikipedia: Alice in Chains Wikipedia: Dirt (Album) Apple Music: Dirt – Alice in Chains Spotify: Dirt – Alice in Chains Amazon: Dirt – Alice in Chains

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