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August 2022 – Scott Gregory

Hi all you collectivists out there. This is Scott G, and I’m here to bring you the Sonic Collective’s pick for August, 2022. Quite often, we like to push deep into the past and re-examine albums of our youth or the previous generations that influenced them. I’m going to bring us all the way back up to 2011 and examine an album I’m pretty sure wasn’t on our listening lists when it came out, despite it’s prominence in the charts and cultural impact.

Born This Way was released May 23, 2011 to critical fanfare. Lady Gaga’s second studio album was said to push boundaries even further than her first, and tackled themes of sexuality, freedom, and feminism among others. Many of the tracks became anthems for marginalized communities, pushing important topics into public discourse.

Music is often created to entertain, to explore the human condition, to shock, to push boundaries and defy the status quo. To speak truth to power. Apparently, this album does all those things and I’m extremely curious to see how Lady Gaga’s larger than life personality, voice and creativity shine through all those lenses.

So if you’re like me and know Lady Gaga mostly from the radio singles rotation, I really hope you join us on this month’s journey where we experience her now at the album level. From all I’ve read she’s one of the artists still committed to building full experiences, taking us on a journey from song to song and weaving a greater story than any individual track provides. So come along for the ride and join Darren, Scott, Alain and I at the end of the month when we dicuss Lady Gaga’s 2011 album, Born This Way.

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