Review of Born This Way by Lady Gaga

We recommend you check out Scott’s pick, Born This Way by Lady Gaga before reading and listening to our reviews below.

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  • Influence us and our tastes?
  • Overall?

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

While the entire team has a deep appreciation for Lady Gaga’s talent as a musician and note her unique style, there’s some differences of opinion on just how good the album is. Some of the highlights:

  • Lady Gaga pushed many boundaries with her lyrics on this album.
  • Her support for marginalized groups is clearly demonstrated on several tracks adopted as anthems by the LGBTQIA2s+ communities.
  • Age/generation was an influence on how we enjoyed this album.


Is this album for you? Have a listen to our review and see how the strengths and weaknesses line up with your own impressions.

Overall Scores

Overall: 2.8
Influenced our tastes: 3
Would we recommend: 2.4

Our Individual Review Scores
Influence: 2
Recommend: 1
Overall: 2

Scott G
Influence: 3.5
Recommend: 4
Overall: 4

Scott C
Influence: 1
Recommend: 4
Overall: 1.5

Influence: 3
Recommend: 3
Overall: 3.75

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