Reveal Episode - 3 Albums Connected

THE REVEAL EPISODE – What connects these three albums? – Part 1

This month’s selection is by Darren Scott.

To listen to the picks and get some insights into the connection, listen to our introduction episode here.

For the next four months we are changing up our format to try something fun. Each of us will pick three albums that share a common thread. We want you to listen to these albums and try to figure out what the common thread between them is. Member Darren Scott is up first and he chose The Modern Lovers self-titled album, R.E.M’s Reckoning album and Sonic Youth’s Goo album.

Though we are revealing the connection below, you have to listen to the episode to learn all about the albums, our mini-reviews and lots of factoids.

The connection is…
All these bands credit the influence of alternative icons, The Velvet Underground. We definitely will need to do a full review of a Velvet Underground Album soon.

Our Album Review Scores (Out of 5)

Sonic Youth – Goo

  • Darren 4
  • Alain 3.25
  • Scott C 3.5
  • Scott G 4
  • Average 3.7

R.E.M. – Reckoning

  • Darren 4
  • Alain 3
  • Scott C 2
  • Scott G 3
  • Average 3

The Modern Lovers

  • Darren 5
  • Alain 2.5
  • Scott C 1.5
  • Scott G 3.5
  • Average 3.125

Darren @ The Sonic Collective


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