What Connects These Albums - Pt 4

What connects these three albums? – Part 4

This month’s selection is by Alain Dupuis.

Hello, friends. This is Alain from the Sonic Collective. Hope you’re doing well! It is December 2022, and this is the fourth and final round our game “What’s the connection between these albums?” I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as we have. Some of these connections have been quite challenging to identify while some have been right under our noses. It’s been a lot of fun hearing everyone take a guess at what our album selections had in common. Particularly those  more nuanced takes.

I’ve selected three albums with one or more mystery connections between them. But beyond the gamification of this round of picks, as always, we will be reviewing albums — though perhaps not as in-depth as we normally would, given there are three albums to discuss during our rounds of connected albums.

This month’s albums are, in order of release:

A Trick of the tail – 1976

Faith No More
The Real Thing – 1989

3 Days Grace
Human – 2015

Friends, I hope you’ll listen along with us and take a stab at guessing what these albums have in common. Join us at the end of the month to hear what the crew teased out, as well as what we generally thought of each album.

Until then, on behalf of The Sonic Collective, Alain signing off.

Genesis: A Trick of the Tail  — Wikipedia

Faith No More: The Real Thing — Wikipedia

Three days Grace: Human  — Wikipedia

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