Review of Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

We recommend you check out Darren Scott’s pick, Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here before reading and listening to our reviews below.

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Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here

After completing a fun series of shows that spotted connections between albums, we have gone back to our roots and started a new round of reviews of classic influential albums. Darren picked this Pink Floyd album that followed their success after Dark Side of the Moon. This album is familiar Pink Floyd, but yet a bit darker and more serious than their previous concept albums. Listen to this review to hear what we discovered, and if we think you should spend your time revisiting this Wish You Were Here album.

Some of the highlights:

  • Shine on you Crazy Diamond has a hidden message right in the title!
  • Former lead singer Syd Barrett visited the band during production, and it was shocking.
  • In our age of Spotify where the artists are being exploited by big business, this album reminds us that this is not a new problem, and that big music business has been screwing artists since the beginning of time.

Is this album for you? Have a listen to our review and see how the strengths and weaknesses line up with your own impressions.

Overall Scores

Overall: 4
Influenced our tastes: 3.875
Would we recommend: 3.75

Our Individual Review Scores
Scott C
Influence: 4.5
Recommend: 5
Overall: 4.5

Influence: 3
Recommend: 3.5
Overall: 4

Scott G
Influence: 4
Recommend: 4
Overall: 4

Influence: 4
Recommend: 2.5
Overall: 3.75

Great analysis from Polyphonic. Check his video out:

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