Patty Loveless – When Fallen Angels Fly

April 2023 – Scott Gregory

Patty Loveless – When fallen Angels Fly

Hi everyone out there in Sonic Collective land. This is Scott G and my pick for April is “When Fallen Angels Fly”, released in 1994 by country artist Patty Loveless. Few people outside of country music fandom are going to recognize that name, but it ticks a couple boxes for me.

First, she’s very similar to Dwight Yoakam, who we’ve previously featured on the podcast, in that she’s an artist with a strong reverence for the history of country music that features prominently in her own work. She focuses on a more traditional style while appealing to a contemporary audience. It’s no surprise she’s one of the artists other country singers listen to, and even rerecord. Both Delbert McClinton and Tanya Tucker later covered songs off this album, which is high praise in its own right.

Women fought hard to be able to tell their own stories in country music. Patty has been compared favourably to the likes of Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris, and I’m very curious how she carries the torch forward into an era dominated by pop country artists. But I’m going in optimistic, as Country in general does have a strong respect for its roots that goes beyond just sampling or the odd guitar lick.

When Fallen Angels Fly was her seventh studio album and was certified platinum. It also won the Country Music Awards album of the year, with Patty being only the third woman to ever have done so.

Will this album still hold up? We’re a bunch of rockers, so will the themes covered reach our jaded metal hearts? Give it a couple listens yourself and join us at the end of April to hear what Darren, Scott, Alain and I thought of this months’s pick: When Fallen Angels Fly by Patty Loveless, and be sure to share your comments with us on our site or in the socials as well. Until then, This is Scott G from the Sonic Collective signing off. Talk again soon.


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