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We recommend you check out Alain’s one-hit wonder pick  One Hit Wonder or Not? Blu Cantrell – So Blu before reading and listening to our reviews below.

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One Hit Wonder or Not? Blu Cantrell – So Blu

In the third installment of our One Hit Wonders round, we listened to Blu Cantrell’s debut album, So Blu.
The album was released in 2001 and featured the very famous and very awesome song Hit em’ up Style (Oops!). But what about the rest of the album? Equally awesome? Well, that’s what we endeavored to find out this month as we dissected So Blu. Does Blu Cantrell deserve to be better known for her body of work? Was she done dirty? We seemed to be aligned for the most part…

Here are a few things we agreed upon:

  • The album is a pretty vanilla expression of early 2000s R n’ B. It was decent – not great – not terrible.

  • The single, Hit em’ up Style (Oops!) is a certified banger, and we all enjoyed it. (And somehow, Scott Coates managed to have missed hearing it until we picked this album.)
  • Blu Cantrell is a very talented singer.

  • Her best-known song sounds a lot different from the rest of the album.

  • Perhaps due to the timing, or perhaps due to the market saturation of female R n’ B singers in that era, she couldn’t differentiate herself enough to get away from earning the title of One-Hit Wonder.

Alain @ The Sonic Collective

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