December 2023 – Scott Gregory

Oasis – Be Here Now

Hi everyone out there in Sonic Collective land. This is Scott G and I’m bringing you the last pick for 2023. We’re going to rock out this December to Oasis’s third-best album: “Be Here Now”. You may remember it from the singles “D’you know what I mean?”, “Stand by Me”, “All around the world” or “Don’t Go Away.” You may also remember it as the last album that featured the original members.

Noel and Liam Ghallager are no strangers to courting controversy. They were heavy partiers, enjoyed various substances and were known to argue constantly. Like constantly. In fact, this album was recorded shortly after the notorious MTV unplugged heckling event, which I highly encourage you to check out.

Frankly, I’m surprised they lasted three albums together, let alone many more. Maybe that manic storm around them and tension between them contributed to the meteoric rise to stardom and quick rise to fame and banging out three top albums in four years.

Now, you may be asking, “why the third best album, Scott? Why not the second or first?” Well those albums mattered for their own reasons and I adore them, but there’s a whole lot going on here behind the scenes and on the album that I think is deeply worth exploring. Both in the context of the band’s development, and the britpop music scene as well. Top it with just analyzing how the album is crafted in general, and there’s a lot of meat on this bone to chew over at the end of the month.

So I usually don’t try to sway people too much going into an album on what to listen for, but Scott C already dropped a major hint at the end of last month’s review when I dropped the album teaser. Among other things, this album is famous for the production values and critical reception both at release and the turn down the road. I’m thinking many people will have a clean slate for their own review so many years divorced from both the hype and drama that seemed to hang around the band.

So, with those tidbits thrown in, I’m really hoping you decide to give the album a few spins and join us at the end of december as Darren, Scott, Alain and I come back together to review Oasis’s third best album, 1997’s “Be Here Now”.

We would love for you to join along in the journey. Let us know how this album resonates with you. You can find us on all the usual social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and of course you can always go leave a comment on


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