Desert Island Selections - Choose 10 albums!

January 2024 – Alain Dupuis

Our Desert Island Albums – Kicking off a thought experiment

To kick off 2024, our January episode isn’t a standard album review. We decided upon a thought experiment instead.

Wanna play along? The premise is ridiculous but simple. Don’t overthink it. 

Here’s the scenario. We’re all travelling on a boat with our record collection. Why? Why NOT!? Suddenly, we hit a Somali pirate vessel and begin taking on water. Fortunately there’s a small desert island in the distance we can swim to, but time is of the essence and we have only enough time to grab our most important worldly possessions – our 10 favourite albums! (And presumably whatever means we have of playing them). Who knows how long we’ll be marooned for, so our choice is paramount!

This won’t be a top ten list. We will simply each take turns explaining which ten albums we’ve chosen and what it is about them that makes them important enough for us to bring with us in this preposterous hypothetical scenario. After all, these may be the last and only albums we will ever listen to again for the rest of our lives. No pressure… right?  This thought experiment is designed to make us really think hard about our relationship to the music we love and what it is about the 10 albums we’d want to listen to for the rest of our lives. This could make for a very interesting discussion.

Tune in at the end of the month to hear our tales of survival on the high seas, and which albums we’ve chosen to bring ashore with us. And while you’re at it, why not drop us a line and let us know which 10 albums you would want to take if you found yourselves in similar peril? 

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