One Hit Wonder or Not? Blu Cantrell – So Blu

Album review: Blu Cantrell - So Blu

In the third installment of our One Hit Wonders round, we listened to Blu Cantrell’s debut album, So Blu.
The album was released in 2001 and featured the very famous and very awesome song “Hit em’ up Style (Oops!)”.
But what about the rest of the album? Equally awesome? Well, that’s what we endeavored to find out this month as we dissected So Blu. Does Blu Cantrell deserve to be better known for her body of work? Was she done dirty? We seemed to be aligned for the most part. Tune in to the episode to see what we thought of it.

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One Hit Wonders: Blu Cantrell – So Blu

Blu Cantrell - So Blu

For the next four podcast episodes we will be reviewing what are considered to be one-hit wonders. Here we are on our second of four picks with our One Hit Wonders series, looking at artists and albums that were One Hit Wonders – loosely meaning that the album had one or so big singles, then we likely never really heard from the band again. I’ve always liked the song You Get What You Give by New Radicals, bought the album when it came out, but don’t remember listening to it beyond the single, and have been listening to that single a lot recently. Then the Foo Fighters announced Josh Freese as their new drummer in May 2023, and while reading about him, I noticed he drummed on two songs from Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by New Radicals, and decided to make this my pick for the month. – Scott Coates @ The Sonic Collective

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