Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison Review

Please read Darren Scott’s pick for Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison before reading and listening to our reviews below.

Quick Summary: 

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
  • Would we recommend?
  • Influence us and our tastes?
  • Worth the hype?

Summary and Overall Score

Darren Scott’s selection of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison was well received by the group as we kicked off our round of live album selections. This classic album of Cash’s was just the type of album he needed as he had been recovering from addiction issues and was out of the spotlight for a few years. The atmosphere of the prison and the raw energy that this album produced was awesome. Just when you think Johnny cash couldn’t get any cooler, he did.
Though some of us were not the biggest country music fans and were not drawn to this music in our younger years, we all agreed that this album was great and a must listen. Definitely listen to the legacy edition. Please listen to our audio review and enjoy-we sure did!

Our Individual Review Scores
Darren Scott:
Overall opinion: 5
Would I recommend?: 5
Influenced my tastes: 5
Worth the hype? 5
Scott Coates:
Overall opinion: 5
Would I recommend?: 5
Influenced my tastes: 5
Worth the hype?: 5
Scott Gregory:
Overall opinion: 4.5
Would I recommend?: 5
Influenced my tastes: 4
Worth the hype? 5
Alain DuPuis:
Overall opinion: 4
Would I recommend?: 3.5
Influenced my tastes: 2
Worth the hype? 4
Greg Jorgensen:
Overall opinion: 3.5
Would I recommend?: 4
Influenced my tastes: 0
Worth the hype? 4

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

As we have just completed a  rotation through our group again, we have now decided to do a round of live albums. We are also expanding our musical reviews by moving to audio reviews. This is a much better format and I am sure all our friends are just dying to hear our sweet voices. Ha ha.
johnny-cash-eating-cake-in-a-bush-highAt any rate, as I get to choose first I am very excited to choose the incomparable Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison. To be specific I am choosing Side 1 of the Legacy Edition of the album. I get into many amazing details about this album. Listen below and learn why I picked this cool album. If that’s not cool enough, what about this photo…. amiright…?
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