Review of Patty Loveless: When Fallen Angels Fly

Scott’s pick had the team split. We had a range of opinions covering the entire spectrum. We’re usually more into music where the guitars are plugged in, so country music has a hard time breaking into the mix. Still, everyone found something to appreciate (or at least not dislike!) about this album, even though the scores hit both ends of the spectrum. Have a listen and see what each member of the team thought after a month of listening and see who you matched up with most.

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One Hit Wonders: a-ha — Take on me from Hunting High and Low

one-hit wonders a-ha

For the next four podcast episodes we will be reviewing what are considered to be one-hit wonders. Member Darren Scott started off by choosing a-ha. a-ha is often considered a one-hit wonder, largely due to the immense success of their debut single “Take on Me.” The song reached number one in the United States and several other countries in 1985, and its innovative music video became an iconic part of 80s pop culture. While a-ha did have other hits in Europe, including “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” and “Hunting High and Low,” they were unable to replicate the massive success of “Take on Me” in the US. However, the band’s overall discography is quite extensive and they have continued to release albums and tour throughout the years.

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Patty Loveless – When Fallen Angels Fly

This month we’ll be listening to When Fallen Angels Fly by Country artist Patty Loveless. When Fallen Angels Fly was her seventh studio album and was certified platinum. It also won the Country Music Awards album of the year, with Patty being only the third woman to ever have done so. Will this album still hold up? Tune in at the end of the month and find out!

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