I, Mother Earth - Dig

I Mother EarthDig is the debut album by the multi-platinum Canadian alt-rock outfit known as I Mother Earth. According to Wikipedia, the album is “noted for its metallic sound, balanced with psychedelic-style lyrics and instrumentals, and further backed by Latin percussion.” Dunno about you, but that sounds like a shitmix I can certainly get behind.
I’ve never actually listened to Dig, so I don’t really know what to expect, but I’ll tell you this much; their sophomore album Scenery and Fish was listed high among my favourite albums as a kid, and more than any other album in that (pretty short) list, I still never get tired of it. But the truth is, I really don’t think I can consider myself a true I Mother Earth fan until I give Dig a serious listen.
So, friends… am I setting Dig up to fall short of the expectations cast by IME’s sophomoric release? Will Dig blow my mind? How many more times am I gonna say Dig? I guess you’ll have to tune in to our review at the end of the month to find out!
Alain Dupuis
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