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Please read and listen to Alain DuPuis’ pick  Celine Dion: Falling Into You before reading and listening to our reviews below.

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Review of Celine Dion: Falling Into You

Celine Dion, the youngest of 14 children (Yikes!), and the best selling Canadian artist of all time at 200 million claimed album sales worldwide, released the Falling Into You album in 1996 about a year before the world was exposed to that Titanic song that shall not be named. This album was a monster and won 2 Grammy awards and propelled Celine to international stardom. This is even more impressive when you realize that she literally had to learn how to speak better English to record this album. Celine had been a mega star in French speaking Canada for many years before switching to English. We recommend listening to her French album Deux. As for this album, listen to what we thought and learn a thing ot two about a thing or two.

We invite you to hear our four differing opinions of this album and learn about this album. In this podcast you will learn the following and much more:

  • What song stirred memories of 80s hair metal bands?
  • What lengths Scott Coates took to try to get into this album.
  • Did the legal Blue Cream cannabis from 420 Premium Market help make this sound more groovey?

Listen to our thoughts and see if this is worth going back to and let us know what your experience was with this album.

The Sonic Collective

Individual Review Scoring

Alain DuPuis:

Overall opinion: 3
Would I recommend?: 2
Influenced my tastes: 1.5

Scott Gregory:

Overall opinion: 3.5
Would I recommend?: 3
Influenced my tastes: 2

Scott Coates

Overall opinion: 2
Would I recommend?: 1
Influenced my tastes: 1

Darren Scott

Overall opinion: 3
Would I recommend?: 2
Influenced my tastes: 1

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